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View our range of uPVC Roofline, uPVC Fascias, Soffits, Gutters & Cladding

View our range of uPVC Roofline, uPVC Fascias, Soffits, Gutters & Cladding
Homeline - Commercial

Technical Information

Homeline Product Information.

All Homeline UPVC roofline cellular products are manufactured and tested to BS7619 and our manufacturing facility has been accredited to ISO 9001 2000.


As stated in BS7619 the product shall be free from sink marks, cracks or foreign bodies when viewed at 90 degrees to the surface at a distance of 1mtr in diffused north light.


The product will retain its physical integrity for many years, visually it will age uniformly and with only minimum changes to its appearance. White products are guaranteed for 15 years and foiled products for 10 years from date of purchase.


Homeline only uses raw materials supplied by the largest and most experienced companies within the UPVC roofline industry; this gives us access to the most up to date and sophisticated testing facilities regarding weathering. All our products have passed the u.v. aged impact tests and the colourfast requirements that are set out in BS7619 our white products will not change greater than a Delta E of 8 when exposed to normal weather conditions experienced in northern Europe and is guaranteed for 15years

Chemical Resistance

In order to preserve the high quality Surface finish of your Homeline cellular product it is recommended that only warm soapy water is used to clean the product as required.

Any solvents and chemicals should be avoided. Contact Homeline for any specific information.

Fire classification

All Homeline cellular products are tested to BS476 part 7 and have been awarded class 1y.

Softening point

Homeline cellular products have a softening point in the region of 70 degrees when tested to BS EN ISO 60 2000 Vicat 5kg load the result was 67 degrees centigrade.

Impact Resistance

All Homeline cellular products will have passed the impact tests as required by BS7619

Thermal Movement & Conductivity

The Co-Efficient of linear expansion for our white products @ 20degrees C is 5x10-5 as tested in accordance with BS4370-3 1998. For 9mm thick fascia profiles it is recommended that a 5mm expansion gap is given to both ends of the board, for foiled products it is recommended that an 8mm expansion gap is used both ends of the product.

Homeline cellular products have excellent insulation qualities and have been tested in accordance with BS4370-2 1993 resulting in a value of 0.062W/mK which is greater than the equivalent soft wood product.

Water Absorption

Tests have been carried out to BS EN ISO 62 1999 and typically Homeline cellular products have a water retention of <1%.


All Homeline cellular products can be cut and handled in a similar way to timber products. However it is recommended that the protective tape is removed immediately after fitting product as exposure to sunlight can make the tape very difficult to remove.